Welcome to this website. I am Dr Daniel Naylor, a postdoctoral research assistant in Solid State Physics at the University of Hull. Prior to this, I was a software consultant with Tessella.

My research currently involves the investigation of phonon confinment in low-dimensional structures, specficially quantum wires and quantum dots, using the Hybrid model that was originally suggested by Babiker and Ridley. I previously focused on the wide-gap semiconductor Gallium Nitride, with the aim of developing an accurate simulation of a device based on GaN using a cosine band structure approximation that was originally proposed by Ridley and others.

My interests include the use of mathematical techniques to model the effects of phonons and electrons, and the use of computational techniques to simluate electron systems quickly and accurately.


I have professional experience as a software engineer, working with C#/.NET, Java and various web technologies, particually with the Bootstrap and jQuery libraries.